Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy at NHG is an experience which inspires healing and peace of mind! Totally tailored to your needs! Available ONLINE and IN PERSON within 20 miles of DC! Price is listed for ONLINE SERVICES ONLY, please contact the Office for IN PERSON pricing.

Starting at $65/hour

Yoga Therapy here at the Neighborhood Health Group, LLC (NHG) is centered on this single reality: We can only INSPIRE healing.

Breath work, props, mantras and specific regimens of postures are all various tools used to get the Participant ready to manifest healing. Awareness is a constant effort. Yet awareness changes EVERYTHING.

Yoga Therapy here at NHG teaches you how to practice COMMAND of your living experience rather than feed the desire to escape from it. All power comes from within. Through personal redemption, we learn how to create.

Teachers from various disciplines are here to help you discover the power of you and cultivate your gift to yourself and others. If humanity was a garden, yoga and breathwork would be the methods to till the soil. 

Common benefits

  • effective symptom management 
  • effective pain management
  • improved quality of  life 
  • improved physical function
  • low or reverse disability in ADLs
  • improved independent mobility 
  • reduced anxiety
  • improved sleep
  • reduced health costs (annually)

This service is offered in person in the Washington, DC metro area and as well as online via our secure (HIPAA/ HITECH compliant) platform.