Self Care and Cultivation

Self Cultivation here at NHG is an opportunity for self discovery as well as to increase the personal power needed to continue the journey we call life. This solution has been designed to DISCONNECT the Participant from the impact of a continuously engaged sympathetic nervous system due to the presence of “stimulants” or stressors in the environment associated with business or modern living. Available ONLINE ONLY! Price is listed for ONLINE SERVICES ONLY, please contact the Office for IN PERSON pricing.

Starting at $45/hour

Self Cultivation is a system. A day to day system of habits coordinated to access, maintain, and build spiritual power. Using this Self Cultivation System REQUIRES you to accept that all life is DIVINE and life is SPIRIT.

Everyone’s system is their own pyramid. It will keep you balanced, yet increases as you grow. Birds fly by employing a system of motions while responding to their environment in a very specific way. The same is true of human potential. 

So what does this system look like?

  • Medications- we start here to learn your current state of health. 
  • Diet- how and when you eat
  • Herbal regimen- what herbs are you taking and how often
  • COMMAND- how do you practice and how often do you remember it?
  • Mantra /Words of Power- your message or what you repeatedly say to yourself (positive or negative)
  • Breathwork- how often in a day and when. Keep a log of whenever you’re able to apply this skill while directly experiencing stress.
  • Meditation- how often in a day and when. Keep a log of whenever you’re able to apply this skill while directly experiencing stress.
  • Yoga- your specific practice and how often
  • Dance or Movement celebrating the Living Spirit- your technique and how often
  • Gravity manipulation- your specific routine and how often you exercise, resistance training, not cardio
  • Oxygen consumption- how often you run, walk or do cardio. (Preferably outside.)
  • Service- your talent or gifts used to assist Others or the Balance
  • Monthly access to an authentic Spiritual Guide who will command you to use your gifts.


Seems like a lot? Well, it’s all about BALANCE and it’s easier than it looks! 

Common benefits:

  • Effective symptom management 
  • Effective pain management
  • Improved quality of  life 
  • Improved physical function
  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Weight management
  • Slow or reverse disability in ADLs
  • Improved independent mobility 
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Successful weight management
  • Improved benchmarks (blood pressure, blood sugar, a1c, [blood and hormone] panels, and etc.)
  • Reduced health costs (annually)


This service is offered in person in the Washington, DC metro area and as well as online  via our secure (HIPAA/ HITECH compliant) platform.