Personal Training

Personal training here at NHG is a totally UNIQUE EXPERIENCE! Totally tailored to your needs! Available ONLINE and IN PERSON within 20 miles of DC! Price is listed for ONLINE SERVICES ONLY, please contact the Office for IN PERSON pricing.

Starting at $45/hour

The Pyramid Exercise Therapy Module (PET) is established on three key principles:

  1. The human body actually eats oxygen. A significant amount of oxygen must pass through the body to optimize health.
  2. Gravity is essential for maintaining the integrity as well as for the development of the human body.  The manipulation of gravity supports health.
  3. The core musculature is the physiological foundation of the human body. 

Oxygen is the principal fuel source for the human body. The more oxygen you consume, the healthier you become. Metabolism, which means ALL life functions (not just digestion) – including nervous, circulatory and immune functions thrives.In this way the life force behaves very similar to fire.

Gravity gives shapes to our bodies and the other forms of mass (both animate and viewed inanimate) which makes up our world. Gravity is a high influence which causes us to physically develop as well as age. Manipulating gravity is key to maintaining health. 

PET teaches the body how to ACTIVATE these natural forces -oxygen and gravity, for use in maintaining health or to protect it for enjoyment in sports or some other physical experience. The Pyramid Exercise Therapy Module (PET) helps establish a sound physical foundation for both life and movement.

PET has been used to manage pain and various chronic conditions. Contraindications to exercise is thoroughly researched and discussed with our team to ensure safety and maximum benefit.

The Pyramid Exercise Therapy Module (PET) is EXERCISE REINVENTED.

Common benefits

  • effective symptom management 
  • effective pain management
  • improved quality of  life 
  • improved physical function
  • increased cardiovascular fitness
  • weight management
  • slow or reverse disability in ADLs
  • improved independent mobility 
  • reduced anxiety
  • improved sleep
  • reduced health costs (annually)


This service is offered in person in the Washington, DC metro area and as well as online via our secure (HIPAA/ HITECH compliant) platform.