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The Neighborhood Health Group, LLC (NHG) is a Public Health/ Preventive Medicine Multi Specialty Group serving the Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and the Capital Region of Maryland areas.

About Neighborhood Health Group

The Neighborhood Health Group, LLC (NHG) focuses on assisting Participants (instead of patients because healing requires a collective effort) with the prevention or management of Chronic Conditions and/or Disease Management. Nutrition and Herbal Support -along with the Pyramid Exercise Therapy Module are our principal treatment modalities. We also provide Group Exercise classes specific to your condition for connection and support. Our services will always work in harmony with your General Practitioner or Care Team.

Post the advent of the COVID 19 pandemic, NHG has been hard at work to offer secure, stable telehealth solutions in these uncertain times.
Established on June 6, 2014, we are still devoted to the Cause of Health:
For the sake of tomorrow, let our daughters and sons reign free of disharmony. -In themselves and the worlds.” – JS

Principal Investigator


Dr. Vannesia D. Morgan-Smith​

Dr. Morgan-Smith received her PhD in Management while studying at Walden University. In addition, she has earned a masters in nursing, focused in health systems management from Johns Hopkins University, and a masters in general administration, focused in healthcare administration from the University of Maryland University College. She has been employed as a leader in the healthcare industry for more than 29 years and a nurse for more than 39 years. She currently serves as a Nurse Manager at Children’s National Medical Center and has served in the role as Nurse Manager since 1999.

Since obtaining her doctorate, she developed goals to teach management and healthcare leadership to those in the health care field, to mentor other students helping the student to accomplish their academic goals, and to encourage evidence based research to identify better health care solutions when providing care.

Additionally, Dr. Morgan-Smith is an adjunct graduate faculty for various universities.


LESS patients tomorrow

Services at the Neighborhood Health Group, LLC (NHG) are organized in a pyramid format because the Founder learned that it was the understanding and consistent maintenance of these three components which protects human health (power) as we manifest human potential. 

Nutrition and Herbal Support

One of the most significant ways we directly commune with (or become a part of) our environment is through eating and drinking. Not just what we consume, but also the timing of our nutrients in respect to bodily function, activity, and rest periods.

To help people better understand the importance and POWER of food, the Founder directed that all Nutritional Support Programs facilitated by NHG are to be managed by a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS). An advanced credential which allows the Provider to treat disease with food and organize public health programs that teach about healthy diets.

Herbs are natural remedies from the Earth used to help restore balance and vitality to the human body. Herbs are natural champions of preventive care, protecting your body from a host of conditions with simple plans to manage inflammation or to remove waste more efficiently. 

To better ensure the safety of your experience with herbal medicine, NHG utilizes Naturopathic Doctors (ND) as the medical professional designated to assist Participants.

Pyramid Exercise Therapy

The Pyramid Exercise Therapy (PET) Module is the application of exercise in a proven way to realign, help detox, and revitalize the body. The PET Module is also highly effective at quantifying strength and weight management (with the proper nutritional support).

The PET Module recognizes the core musculature as the foundation of the human body. The program keenly enhances how the body engages gravity and uses oxygen.

PET gives the Participant a better understanding of their body and how it relates to the environment. You will feel the POWER of the Pyramid during the very first session. Named for the sense of balance and the longevity that it restores, the PET Module has changed lives by helping people gain control over various chronic conditions. 

This service is offered in person in the Washington, DC metro area and as well as online via our secure (HIPAA/ HITECH compliant) platform.

Group Exercise

Nothing spells FUN like Group Exercise here in The Neighborhood! NHG has compiled a great team of Providers (in and out of the area) to help keep you healthy and functionally engaged! Our instructors are passionate professionals from diverse backgrounds. They are great motivators and conscientious coaches. Our offerings include:

  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • HIIT
  • Bootcamps

This service is offered in person in the Washington, DC metro area and as well as online via our secure (HIPAA/ HITECH compliant) platform. If you’re interested in having one of our classes offered in your community or place of employment, please click on the “More Info” button below.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga is an ancient institution of awakening and development for human health and consciousness. Mind and body awareness grounds the Participant within themselves as they encounter life. Awareness creates more opportunities to gain understanding and less judgement. Connection to the self, allows you to see others more clearly, allowing interaction with more harmony. Yoga therapy is also great for managing chronic conditions and improving health. In the Neighborhood Health Group, LLC (NHG) we appreciate these varied and safe offerings.

This service is offered in person in the Washington, DC metro area and as well as online via our secure (HIPAA/ HITECH compliant) platform.

Giving Back to the Community


Health is power, we can help.


Video Reviews


Video Reviews

A Letter From the Founder


Dear Friend,

As a fellow survivor of untold adversity, I implore you to remember that everything in this life is programming. Our choices create our lives. So choose to develop your expressions of soul, body and mind to the fullest potential by creating a program that will give you the POWER to unlock YOU. 

You are ALWAYS welcome in the Neighborhood. See you there!

Joseph Saint